3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Father Daughter First Look

Let’s talk about ’em.
Father daughter first looks.
Not exactly “traditional” but becoming more and more common at weddings.
So what’s the point? Why do them?
Well I’ve come up with some reasons (and some pretty good ones too) to do them and why they are so important for some people!


1. It allows you to keep the bride and groom tradition, but still have a first look!

If you are torn between doing a first look, or waiting to first be seen walking down the aisle, a father daughter first look is a GREAT solution. It allows you to not only do both, but have a few moments with your daddio before he walks you down the aisle. You still are experiencing the excitement of coming up behind someone and surprising them, seeing someone get emotional over seeing you dressed as a bride, but also keep your wedding traditional!



2. A beautiful, meaningful moment before the ceremony

With many father daughter first looks, the bride’s father will write a letter to her and give it to her right after the reveal. This moment is a perfect time for your dad to say things he doesn’t know how or when to say before he gives you away to someone else. Remember, this is not only a big day for you and your soon-to-be spouse, it’s a big day for your parents as well! Most father’s get pretty emotional and this is THE perfect opportunity for them to express their emotions to you. And even if your dad isn’t typically all mushy, I bet you he will want to do this with you!


3. You and your family will cherish it forever

I can’t tell you how many moms I’ve spoken with who LOVED the idea of a father daughter first look. This is one of the wedding moments that your family will look back at and laugh, cry and share over and over and over again. These are the photos you will share on your dad’s birthday and on Father’s Day. These are the photos that people hang on the walls in their home. And needless to say, no one ever regrets taking these 15-20 minutes to share this moment with their father. I promise, he will cherish it with you!