5 Sweetest Wedding Moments That Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

1. A teary-eyed prayer before the ceremony

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing emotion like this on the wedding day. This family was brought to tears when thanking God that Annie found someone who takes care of her and makes her happy. I love seeing moments of pure gratitude such as this one. They set such a beautiful example.


2. Vows to stepson

Alright, this one was a given! I couldn’t help but shed a tear or two while listening to these vows. You can tell just by the look on her face how much Leslie loves this little boy! If you are considering writing vows to your future stepchild, let me just go ahead and tell you to do it! There were barely any dry eyes in the room afterwards, all of which were happy tears!


3. An adorable father daughter first look

Okay but really….. HOW CUTE?! This has to go down in the books as one of my favorite first looks of all time! He was SO excited to see his daughter and was immediately brought to tears when he saw her. You can just tell by looking at him just how much Alayna means to him. This moment was every wedding photographer’s first look dreams!


4. A private moment during the ceremony

We always hear about private moments before the ceremony, but what about during?! This communion during the ceremony was my favorite part of the whole wedding! Nick and Jessica were moved to tears during these few minutes they had together, and so were my second shooter and I. The audience couldn’t see their faces, so they didn’t see all this emotion until the pictures came out!


5. A letter from the bride

Even though Daniel isn’t crying, he was ABSOLUTELY gushing after reading this sweet letter Anna wrote to him. It made their first look THAT much more amazing and made him that much more excited to see her! He expressed his excitement to see her so many times! HOW CUTE IS THAT!