Are You Wasting Your Money On an Engagement Shoot?


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “What is the point of an engagement shoot? They’re so stupid and pointless!” or “That’s such a waste of time and money!”

Are these people wrong?

Depends on how you look at it!

Here’s why most wedding photographers will encourage you to get one…

They help us prepare…



As wedding photographer, one of our most important skills is being able to read people and situations. That is why it is so important for us to work with you for the first time BEFORE your wedding as opposed to on the day of! I have to know what will get you smiling in front of the camera, what makes you comfortable and what doesn’t, and how you respond to direction. There is little to NO time to do this on the day of the wedding! Trust me, an engagement shoot is essential in making the photography part of your wedding as smooth as possible!


Save the Dates and Thank You cards

Are you SURE you want to use your blurry phone pictures on your Save the Dates? I didn’t think so. I’ve seen so many people use phone photos and I’ve seen people use engagement photos and let me just say… the ones using engagement photos ALWAYS look better!


The Extra Mile

One of my favorite things couples do with their engagement photos is print them and use them as decoration at their wedding! I LOVE seeing photos printed. They really are such a great addition to ANY wedding, no matter the aesthetic!

So, to bring it all back in…..

Is paying for an engagement shoot a waste?

Nope! It isn’t.

In fact, I think it is a pretty important part of the whole wedding process in general. Can you live without it? Sure. Do you want to? Maybe now, but after your wedding, I promise you will wish you had done it!