Hi! I’m Kaitlyn…


Where to begin? Well, I am 22 years old, from Memphis (Desoto County…. but same thing) born and raised! You can tell by my love for BBQ, soul music, and craft beer. TOTAL beer snob.  I also really love movies. Especially The Big Lebowski or American Psycho. Not a fan of shopping. LOVE being outside. Hiking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, you name it! I love visiting new places (Greece is next on my list) and I love New Orleans (if you’re going soon, take me with you please!)

I’m a virgo, so I am a perfectionist! If I don’t like it, I fix it until I like it. I’m emotional, but I keep it hidden. If I’m not crying at your wedding, I’m probably just waiting to cry it out behind the computer when I’m editing so I don’t embarrass myself.

I’m obsessed with all things 70’s.

I’m not a huge fan of TV shows…. except The Office and Breaking Bad. Stereotypical.

I really freaking love dogs!

I started photography when I was about 17 years old. I went off to college in the Nashville area and started booking a lot of work! Once 2016 came around, I had a whole wedding season ahead of me! I am so grateful to have met the most amazing people along the way and I am looking forward to meeting so many more!